The Continuous Unraveling of an Ever-Changing Mind.
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To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
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Klari Reis

From A Catolog of 365 Petri Dishes


I need to wake up.

'Theories of why (I'm a bad person)', Sophie Watkins, 2013.


Took about 10 minutes this morning to vent my frustration over a few of the comments we get. Sometimes the internet forgets we’re people. 

Sometimes I forget I’m people.


Is worth looking at the other artworks by Jon Foster - freelance illustrator, presented earlier  at our blog.



Markus19840420 on Flickr created this amazing Lego Steampunk AT-AT for the MOC Madness 2014 competition, in which people re-create and submit Star Wars vehicles in the style of Steampunk.